Show Off that Sparkling Personality By Hal Rubenstein

There is a subtle yet important difference between having a wardrobe that defines you, and curating one that showcases you.  In the former, your wardrobe has been assembled within clear delineated parameters that, without a doubt, will help you convey a straightforward, unequivocal message as to how you want others to see you. In the latter, your wardrobe acts like a personal barometer, it gauges, reflects, and then transmits to others how you feel and want to face the world on that particular day.  

The first is perfect if you want to craft a risk-free uniform. It’s guaranteed to minimize failure.  It will do the same to excitement.  A wardrobe that reflects different aspects of your personality, however, allows you to tap into a mood or as Madonna once said, “strike a pose” and run with it.  What you choose to wear on any given day is still all about you.  But it’s also more personal, more reflective, potentially more surprising, warmer, and a lot more fun. 

At Gabriel, we believe you should have a jewelry wardrobe that does the exact same thing and works in concert with what’s on your hanger.  There was a time when people selected jewelry as individual, stand alone, all-purpose pieces, that were either neutral enough to “go with anything” or so dominant that it stole the spotlight from anything else you had on.

Neither one feels fresh, relatable, or modern anymore.  That’s why on Gabriel’s newly revamped, now shoppable website, we’ve devised a way to have some fun while exploring our astonishingly varied, ever-expanding Fine Jewelry Everyday collections such Byblos, Kaslique, and Messier.

Which Gabriel Woman Are You?

“Which Gabriel Woman Are You?” is a lark of a survey, but it’s also informative and ultimately a style guide that will help you discover and choose the Gabriel pieces that will not only savvily accessorize some of your favorite outfits, but will ultimately provide some irresistibly sparkling insight into how you see yourself and how you want others to see you day by day. 

Gabriel Women: The Modern Romantic

The Modern Romantic

In this survey, you will respond to cues that will make you pause and ponder about whether you see yourself as an Urban Sophisticate, or if you greet the day with a Fresh & Free-Spirited attitude.  Do you want to come off Casual and Cool, maybe Seek a New Horizon with your look, or you just can’t help it, you’re a unrepentant Modern Romantic? Each of these classifications will offer you striking yet pragmatic samples of dynamic yet elegant options in earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants that will leave you smiling in the mirror before leaving the house because you know you’ve nailed it.

But the reality is — no woman wants to be defined by just one attitude, so as you go through the categories you will discover harmonious pieces. A Demure or Bujukan bracelet,Gabriel Bujukan and Demure Bracelets or even a Lusso necklace that crosses boundaries, just as you do.  And the more times you retake ‘Which Gabriel Woman are You?’ Questionnaire, the more great pieces you will discover.  Now that you can go on the Gabriel website to shop and ship directly to your home, you may discover that wonderful jewelry wardrobe we predict growing bigger and brighter in record time.

And when that happens, we know what kind of Gabriel woman people are going to say you are – A memorable one.