A Gabriel & Co. necklace has the power to revamp an entire look, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary. Embellish your neckline with one or more of our infinite options, all of which are crafted from the finest gemstones and precious metals. Browse through an array of styles from classic lockets to trendy chockers and stylish lariats.

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  • 14k Yellow Gold Layered Twisted Diamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 940
  • 14k Yellow Gold Twisted Curved Diamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 1,445
  • 14k White Gold Rectangular Diamond Bar Fashion Necklace

    CAD 930
  • 14k Yellow Gold Curved Round Diamond Bar Fashion Necklace

    CAD 785
  • 14k White Gold Curved Double Diamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 1,210
  • 14k Yellow Gold Beaded Chevron Diamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 785
  • 14k Yellow Gold Draped Chain Pave DIamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 1,370