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Wide Band Engagement Rings

Our collection of wide band engagement rings features some of our most striking and dramatic creations. Thanks to their increased surface area, wide band rings are able to showcase more elaborate patterns and embellishments. Women are also drawn to wide engagement rings for their more substantial feel and their flattering effect on the look of the finger.

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Finding the Right Wide Band Engagement Ring

Due to the increased width of a Wide Band Engagement Ring, these rings hold a bold extravagant feel. These are strikingly unique designs that are bound to stand out from the crowd. Showcasing more details and embellishments, Wide Band Engagement Rings are eye catching.

Besides the major beauty in a Wide Band Engagement Ring, these designs are durable and substantial. Filled with charm and glamour, Wide Band Engagement Rings are one-of-a-kind pieces. It is crucial to find the perfect fitting design that is comfortable filled with sparkle.

Gabriel & Co.’s selection of Wide Band Engagement Ring settings is impressively gorgeous designs. The outgoing and charismatic bride often chooses these big, bold, beautiful rings. Our Wide Band Engagement Rings are long lasting resembling your everlasting love.