Oval Engagement Rings

With their soft ladylike curves, oval cut engagement rings are singularly elegant and endlessly sophisticated. The fire and brilliance of oval diamonds are second only to round cut stones. However, oval engagement rings are much less common and have a more slender, graceful appearance on a woman’s finger. Thanks to their breathtaking sparkle and flattering silhouette, oval engagement rings are versatile enough to stand the test of time and are an exceptional choice for any bride to be.

  • ER10291W44JJ
  • ER13890O3T44JJ
  • ER13887O4W44JJ
  • Gabriel & Co
  • ER12647O4W44JJ
  • ER9048W44JJ
  • ER13862O4W44JJ
  • ER13889O3T44JJ