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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings get their name from their shape, which features rounded corners for an overall softer look and glow. The design is an appealing alternative to standard engagement ring cuts, which may feel too austere for some people.

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Evoke a traditional ambiance that takes you away from the modern hubbub and establishes your wedding or engagement as a truly singular moment in time. Cushion cut engagement rings are known for their classic appearance and abiding style. Of course, the fact that they’re available in such a huge range of designs at Gabriel & Co means that even if you love the time-honored aesthetic, you can still choose something to suit more modern ideals.

Iconic Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut diamonds are notably distinct from many other styles. They combine squared-off profiles with rounded edges that allow for larger facets. This permits them to reflect light in stunning patterns that have kept them in vogue for more than two centuries.
Far more evolved than the “old mine cuts” from which they took their original style so many ages ago, modern cushion cut engagement rings are popular among everyone from celebs to young lovers. Their distinctive appearance and arresting brilliance are ideal complements to their versatility, so they’re perfectly at home with a range of contemporary and classic ring styles.

Buying Gabriel & Co Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Although all cushion cut diamonds share a few essential characteristics, modern jewelers truly exercise their freedom of creativity as they design, mount and pair these gems. While you and your loved one will eventually have to settle on just one of these unforgettable pieces of art, you definitely deserve a chance to experience as many of them as possible. Visit Gabriel & Co to pick a ring that’s befitting of the feelings you share. Our experts and artisans work tirelessly to help you find a match for your personality and lifestyle. Every one of our cushion cut engagement rings is made to stand as an eternal testament to your love, so represent the depth of your emotions today.