Lariat Necklaces

A Gabriel & Co. lariat necklace has the power to take any look from ordinary to extraordinary. Embellish your neckline with one of our many options, all of which are crafted from the finest gemstones and precious metals.

  • 14K Yellow Gold Y Knot Cultured Pearl and Diamond Necklace

    CAD 755
  • 14K White Gold Layered Curved Bar Diamond Drop Necklace

    CAD 1,855
  • 14K Yellow Gold Layered Diamond Station Necklace

    CAD 2,265
  • 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Triangle Y Knot Pendant Necklace

    CAD 1,070
  • 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Spike Y Knot Pendant Necklace

    CAD 660
  • 925 Sterling Silver Multi Color Stones Lariat Necklace

    CAD 235
  • 14K White Gold Diamond and Cultured Pearl Lariat Necklace

    CAD 550
  • 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 915
  • 14k Yellow Gold Y Knot Pave Diamond Bar Necklace

    CAD 805
  • 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Pyramid Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 805
  • 14K Yellow-White Gold Diamond Bar Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 975
  • 14k Yellow Gold Petite Pave Diamond Bar Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 1,355
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Spike Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 1,355
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Starburst Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 1,560
  • 14k White Gold Marquise Diamond Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 660
  • 14K White Gold Diamond and Cultured Pearl Y Knot Necklace

    CAD 1,135

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Lariat Necklaces at Gabriel & Co.

Lariat necklaces, classified for their length and center strands hanging from a more classic neckline, are perfect for anyone looking to express their unique personal style. Lariat necklaces come in a wide variety of styles ranging from vintage to edgy, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Gabriel & Co. recognizes the power of a beautiful piece of jewelry. That’s why we’re here to guide you through our extensive collection of necklaces so that you leave feeling confident that you’re giving the gift of a lifetime.

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