Souviens Necklaces

“Souviens” is French for “remember,” and that’s exactly what people will do when they see this necklace on you. The black spinel spike fashion necklace gives off a mysterious and powerful look, and the rock crystal & black pearl fashion necklace is perfect for someone with the highest fashion sense.

  • 925 Sterling Silver Black Spinel Fashion Necklace

    CAD 210
  • 925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Layered Pear Shaped Necklace

    CAD 450
  • 925 Sterling Silver White Sapphire Layered Spike Necklace

    CAD 500
  • 925 Sterling Silver Black Spinel Curving Bar Necklace

    CAD 235
  • 925 Sterling Silver Multi Color Stones Fashion Necklace

    CAD 340
  • 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Round Sapphire Fashion Necklace

    CAD 425
  • 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Cutout Diamond Heart Necklace

    CAD 210
  • Silver Fashion Necklace

    CAD 520
  • 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Rock Crystal /White Mother of Pearl / Turquoise Necklace and White Sapphire Necklace

    CAD 355
  • 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Pavé Sapphire Pendant Necklace

    CAD 340
  • 14K Yellow Gold Fashion Necklace

    CAD 900
  • 14K Yellow Gold Fashion Necklace

    CAD 1,195
  • Silver Fashion Necklace

    CAD 305
  • 14K Yellow Gold Fashion Necklace

    CAD 1,435
  • Silver Fashion Necklace

    CAD 700
  • 925 Sterling Silver Garnet Lined Pear Shaped Pendant Necklace

    CAD 250

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Souviens Necklaces at Gabriel & Co.

Souviens necklaces are versatile to fit the look and occasion you desire. Minimal designs like the silver fashion black spinel necklace are for someone who likes jewelry but prefers a smaller design, look, and taste. The hammered cushion cut sapphire cluster necklace pairs perfectly with a fashionable dress whenever you attend elegant events. If you prefer a metal other than silver, there are options in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. At Gabriel & Co., we want you to feel exquisite in your style, personality, and jewelry. Wear a necklace that will be remembered by everyone who sees it by wearing a souviens necklace.

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